By working with the aerospace industry, we have learned that performance, efficiency and reliability are accompanied. That said, PVD coating offers a range of benefits to target the major concerns of the industry; fretting, adhesion transfer and abrasive wear.

PVD coating provides a coating of high hardness not only resistant to wear but also low coefficient of friction. The coating is applied at high temperature, which is perfect due to fluctuating temperatures in some parts require a coating that can tolerate it.

Eco-friendly Process

PVD is the most environmentally friendly alternative compared to out dated metalization techniques.No heavy metals or any harmful agents are used. No toxic residues and polluting substances are produced from any stages of the process. PVD is safe, clean and harmless.

Advantages of PVD coating:

  • Alternative environmental to other metallic coatings
  • Reduces weight and increases performance
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Low friction
  • Applied to different substrates
  • Protects against wear and fretting
  • Superior hardness
  • Thermal stability
  • Resistance to heat and wear